Patio 36 Smoker Pit


I bought the 36 patio model from you and it was delivered last Feb (2012). I wanted to wait on commenting on it until
after I had an opportunity to try it and get used to it.

I have cooked pork, ribs, whole prime ribs, beef tender loins, pork tender loins, chicken, sausage, boudain, hamburgers, and other things. I am here to tell you that this is absolutely bar none, the best smoker pit I have ever used.

I did get the SS up grade on the racks and I highly recommend that to those that are going to purchase one these. I have cooked for as many as 38 people using this smoker. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to open up a restaurant because the food coming off this pit is so great.

Thanks so much for such a great smoker and my next one will be the 48. I will also tell you that I had a neighbor that had bought a custom pit out of Houston, TX and it does not even come close to cooking as good as this one. The reverse flow is fantastic.

Thanks Chris

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  1. I have a Patio 36 and love it.
    I called about a month ago asking about the posibility of making the 36 patio mobile. Putting it on a small trailer that can be towed. I was told that something may be in the works. Is there any update on this?


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