My 48 Patio

Dear Lang Smoker family,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for what has been a great experience. When I ordered my smoker 4 weeks ago, I was told it would be a 4-5 week turn-around time. Sure enough, 4 weeks to the day I
received a call telling me that my smoker was done and that I would be hearing from the shipping company soon. The very next day, I got a call from a gentleman who said they would like to deliver the smoker the very
next day…not too bad for a GA to NJ delivery.

When the driver arrived, he was very courteous, brought the smoker to where I wanted it to live, and did a quick walk through of the features with me. I was blown away by the appearance of it. What a tank, yet it rolls around
with ease on those big turf tires.

Yesterday I seasoned the smoker and I was amazed at how easily it holds temperature, and how little fuel it took to keep things steady once it was up to temp. It produced thin blue to little smoke at all throughout the
process without the need to tinker with the firebox door or dampers. I am firing it up right now to kick some chicken and ribs, and so far it’s proving to be as easy as yesterday. No nasty white smoke, not a ton of
babysitting required. With the smoker running so well, I’m sure that the food it produces will be fantastic.

Thank you very much for a great buying experience and a quality product. By the way, I love the USA emblem on the frame also….very nice touch.

Best Regards,
Eric Kastner

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