May is National BBQ Month!

Many barbecue all year round, but May has been identified as “National BBQ Month”.

Traditionally, in the United States the last weekend of May, Memorial Day Weekend, kicks off summer and most have their barbecues (grills, and smoker cookers) primed and ready for family and friends.

However in the the United States there is not just one season for BBQ, many smoker cooker owners are out there come rain, wind, and snow.

How to Celebrate National Barbecue Month?

For those that own Lang BBQ Smokers and have not been using them all Fall, Winter, and Spring, we recommend that you heat up your smoker and give it a good steam cleaning. This will season your smoker for the season! (We highly recommend cleaning your smoker the same way after each use – this is the #1 tip for getting the best tasting smoked food.)

So dust off your smoker and and invite some friends and family around for Mother’s Day, graduations, Memorial Day Weekend and any other reason you can think of to light up that stick burner!

Make sure to download our BBQ Cooking APP for Time & Temperatures and Types of Wood.

And don’t forget to check our RECIPE BLOG to find some great barbecue recipes.

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