love my new smoker

“My wife and I recently attended the Smokin’ on the Suwannee BBQ festival. We stayed in the camp ground and had the pleasure of meeting Rick Ballard. Who had the 36″ patio smoker at his camp site. So I asked Rick what he thought about the patio 36″. Rick told me what a great smoker it was. He also said he has the 60″ which he competes with. I was
so impressed with it that I bought the 36″ patio model. On Sunday morning Rick asked me if I was going season my new smoker. I told him I was not prepared to do so. Since I did not have any wood with me. So Rick supplied me with wood and spent the next hour helping me season my new smoker. In that time he shared a lot of information with me. What a
big help Rick was. I’m so happy to be a member of the lang smoker family. I’m looking forward to many years of enjoyment with my new smoker. thank you for a wonderful product.”

Marty K.

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