Lang NEW Model 36 Patio

I understand you have a new 36″ grill smaller than the 48.” Is that so? It is not displayed on the Internet where I can see it. Got a bud in Nahunta that’s got a 48″ and I’m envious. But, I need a smaller smoker.
Walter N

Yes Sir, Mr Walter.
That’s where the 36 patio comes in . We have it on the production line twelve at at time. Call in your order now and buy at the price of $750.
After it is advertised on our site. Will be$795 -$850.. And it will be
a limited run at this price.
We have the materials on hand to build the first 100 . The material ( black stainless steel) was a special One time buy!
The unit is half the size and less than half the weight of it’s larger cousin the 48 patio. It Get’s Hot Quick. A little charcoal or wood will make it sizzle ; grill and smoke just like all of our Larger Lang smoker cooker bbq line..
Hope to serve you one up soon.
Best Regards,
Ben Lang

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  1. I am interested in your 36 ” smoker and I would also like to be placed on your newsletter if you have one


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