Lang Model 60 Original

I am interested in buying a Lang 60 Original but I have a few  questions.
 Do you use a reverse-flow system?
 How big is the fire box?
 Could you have a gas burner hooked to fire box to start your logs?
Thanks for your time and help
 Jeremy D. Wyatt
Moore, S.C.
Hello Jeremy,
Yes our Smoker-Cooker units are reverse-flow design. When you see a rig with the firebox and smoke stack on the same end, it’s a good indicator that it’s reverse-flow. Fire box is 20 inches square. We don’t offer gas any longer . It will work on our units, we just don’t like the fact that you could get hurt with it when equipped with gas; so we don’t offer it. A hand held log lighter, much like a weed burner works well.
Thanks for Looking at Lang
Ben Lang

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  1. Hello Jeremy,

    Did you ever buy a Lang Smoker? If so, which model and are you pleased?

    I have been looking at both the Lang 60 and the Tucker smokers. Both seem to be great smokers, but I’m trying to get as many opinions before I take the plunge.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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