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Hi Ben
I purchased a Lang 84 with the deluxe warmer and kicker grill in October 2008. Its used in my catering business. the best way to put it is the pit has been incredible.We have catered and vended events in a multitude of conditions, and the pit is almost bullet proof. The first
vending event we participated in last spring brought a night of heavy rain and wind. A tornado went through about 10 miles to the north, if that gives any indication of the weather, and the smoker performed flawlessly even in those conditions. Another vendor with a home made rig had his fire put out by the rain, and our pit was unaffected. We have used it in temperature ranges from 90 degrees to 3 degrees (Welcome To Wisconsin) with an admirable performance. It has put out a quality product consistently. When I did the research on your cookers the general consensus is that this would be the last cooker you will ever have to purchase, I am a believer. As of last week we installed a BBQ Guru system, and cannot wait to try it. We did add a folding stack to get the smoke a bit in the air for certain vending events, and a charcoal rack around the rack to help keep the coals where they need to be. After a year and three months of good use we are having to replace the bottom of the original wood rack. The next plan is competitions. Thank You for building a quality product.
Would you let me know what the wood rack would cost to purchase.
Thank You,
Robert Frank
Pit Master

Dear Robert,
Thanks for your letter. Glad to hear all is well. A new and improved fire grate is $35.00 plus shipping($20.). Email us back your ups address and we can send you one. Also You might add fire brick to the bottom of you firebox.
And on wet days to the top also. Wow! Look at the very small temperature difference one end to the other.
Thanks for Cooking With Lang.

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