Keep It Hydrated – Lang Smoking Saturday Tips

Keep it hydrated!

Learn how to keep your BBQ meat from drying out, using the Ben Lang way:

When cooking for a long period of time on a smoker cooker there is a potential to dry out your food. Some people believe that setting a pan of water on the grill or to cover your food with tin foil might solve this issue, but… Ben Lang, the owner of Lang BBQ Smokers, maintains that it is entirely possible to cook on his smoker cookers without water or tin foil.

Big fluctuations in smoking temperatures can tighten and dry out what is on the smoking grill. A Lang BBQ Smoker excels at obtaining and maintaining your temperature – all Lang BBQ Smokers are handcrafted with 1/4″ plate steel – the heavy steel is key to maintaining cooking temperatures.

Another key way to not dry out your meat is with clean heat. Clean your grill after each use. Use clean, dry, split wood. And practice good firebox management – keep the door shut and manage your heat with internal temperature gauge, wood and dampers.

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