Just Bought a NEW Lang Smoker Cooker

Hi Ben.

As of Nov 3, 2012, The day I picked up my Lang 84 Deluxe my expectations were running high. After reading testimonials and viewing videos about your smokers, I decided to purchase one.

The smoker is all of that and more. I’m very impress with the product that comes off of this smoker. I’m a new rookie to the festival circuit, but gaining great notoriety for my barbecue at the events.

I remember the conversation that we had the day I picked up my smoker, and if blessings continue coming my way I will have to upgrade to a bigger smoker. I will like to thank all of my family members, friends, neighbors, and all of the customers that support me in all I do. Looking forward to seeing you again for a upgrade. Nice doing business with you.

bought a new Lang 84 Deluxe Smoker Cooker

Thanks, Lang Smokers ( THE BEST IN MY OPINION ) hands down. DAT-B-GOOD FOODS / BBQ.

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