It Rained but Meatopia 2012 Shined!

The Lang BBQ Smokers team was at Meatopia 2012 in Randall’s Island Park, NYC. The island was transformed by food writer Josh Ozersky into a City of Meat. The meat fest was divided into sections or 8 different “neighborhoods”; Meatopia Heights, Deckle District, Carcass Hill, The Quarter, Embassy Row, Beaktown, Meatopia County Game Reserve, and Offalwood.

Lang BBQ Smokers and fire pit at Meatopia 2012

Our team was on the Game Reserve near the U.S. Navy Seal Cooking Team who were grilling venison steaks. As one of the sponsors of the meat, drink, fire, & music festival, most of the Lang BBQ Smoker cookers we brought up from Georgia for the event were in the “meat” sections of Dreckle District and The Quarter.

You might remember seeing Aaron Franklin as one of the judges of the BBQ PITMASTERS. Well there he was at Meatopia cooking on a Lang and winning the Meatopia 2012 Grand Champion  for his amazing beef brisket! Congratulations Aaron! From what everyone was saying you make THE BEST BRISKET EVER!!!

Adam Perry Lang (no relation) was cooking beef short ribs on a Lang BBQ Smoker cooker up at The Quarter.

We were tickled pink by what Josh Ozersky wrote about us  “Lang Smokers are the Cadillac of barbecue cookers, the quintessential “stick burning” smoker used by the most skillful and successful barbecue chefs in the world. Their reverse-flow cookers are universally imitated, usually with shabbier construction, thinner gauge metal, and less sturdy construction. For any barbecue cooker with a jot of self-respect, Lang is the weapon of choice for turning raw meat into barbecue with only wood — the way it was meant to be cooked.”

For more about the Meatopia 2012 event click here.

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