How much room in the 60 inch Lang BBQ Smoker?

60 Lang BBQ SmokersQ:  Regarding the 60 Model Original, is there room enough to smoke between 10-15 pork loins? Most of the loins I get are in the 8-10 lb range. The reason I am asking is that I was asked to cook for a graduation reception and they are planning on 300 people. I figured about 1/4lb of pork per person and that would be around 75lbs of loin which would be about 10-15 loins. I know that it is big enough for 15 slabs of ribs. Is that enough room on the grate for the same amount of loins?

A: Yes Sir you are right on track with the 60 series it will handle your need perfectly

M. Polasky, South Dakota

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