European Union CE Safety Compliance

Did you know that Lang BBQ Smokers exports to the European Union?

CE markIn order to do so, we must comply with the EU standards that the European Commission now requires imported products to have. All Lang BBQ Smokers exported to the European Union comply with the safety requirements of the EU and have the CE mark.

Recently we had someone ask us about our EU compliance for International Shipping to the EU:

“Hello – my question is concerning shipping internationally:
Regarding your trailer mounted cookers, do you have the ability to modify your trailers to European (EU) specs so that they are legal on European Union roads? I see that you have shipped your products to many places, so I wanted to know if you have already solved this issue. I live in Western Europe, would like to have a smoker that is mobile, so that I can use it commercially, but would therefore need it to be legally permitted here.
There is a fabricator in England who makes smokers on EU trailers, but with the value of the English Pound, there produce is significantly more expensive than Lang, even when shipping is taken into account. Thank you in advance for your assistance.”

Ben Lang’s response: Yes, our smokers comply with the CE requirements of the European Union

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