Cook For A Crowd With Lang BBQ Smokers

The Blog Smoker Cooking Tips recently posted an article “Cook For A Crowd With Lang BBQ Smokers”

The blog article outlines some of the things we are constantly promoting … in order to make a goof proof smoker cooker the heavy construction and the physical design are key differentiators from other smoker cookers.
Our quarter-inch steel plate construction makes it sturdy, long lasting and provides the metal needed to reach and maintain temperatures and cook with goof proof perfection with the perfect the reverse flow design.  Available on large, trailer mounts to take to events, competitions or catering job sites.
The article discuss our smoke stack “Lang BBQ smokers actually place both the smoke stack and the firebox on the same end of the units. At first glance, this would seem like a recipe for BBQ disaster. The heat necessary for slow smoking seems to be headed right out of the firebox and up the flue of the stack! That does not happen, however. That is because Lang BBQ smokers utilize a separate baffle and flue that extends across the full length of the smokers.”

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  1. Lang Smoker Users in Northern California. I am interested in the Model 108 and was wondering if their is anyone in Northern California with this model or one similar that I could possibly see first hand, without traveling to Georgia.
    Look forward to hearing back from someone soon


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