Cold Temps a Problem?

I’m writing from Canada. It’s a typical cold winter this year.
I have a question regarding maintenance and operation of my model 60.
I’ve read the Blog and Tips sections of your website and found some very useful information. Have you ever heard of someone operating their cooker at outside temperatures near the freezing point of water? Would it have an adverse effect on the cooker?

Fire brick in the bottom of the firebox under the grate. fire brick also on top of the firebox on those rough days. Use the half as thick (they are thinner) firebrick, not the full size. Some folks use a heat resistant type blanket on the cooker.. most don’t.
Hope this helps Also when you can, turn the cooker with the wind so that t…he wind hits the firebox door.

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  1. Bought it from a fellow here in Ottawa. He had to pay duties and tax when he trucked it all the way back to Canada.
    And yes, we did bbq for Superbowl, at -10 celcius and enjoyed some of the best ribs on the planet.

  2. Hi,

    I also live in Montreal, Canada. How did you get this shipped to you abd what was the cost, dut, taxes etc.?

    Thank you,


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