Cleaning a Lang BBQ Smoker Chimney

Along with a great testimonial from Tom, we received a request for directions on how to clean the Lang BBQ Smoker chimney. Ben Lang replies in this post.

black and white Lang BBQ SmokersCleaning a Smoker Cooker Chimney

I have had my Lang for a couple years now and I couldn’t be happier with it. I have the 48″ patio model. Everyone is so impressed with the food that I feel guilty taking credit for it. The smoker does all the work. Everything I have cooked comes out amazing! I happen to look down the chimney the other day and noticed it is pretty sooted up. The flow control on the chimney and the chimney walls. Do you have any suggestions on how to clean it out. I was going to try just a hose and water because I obviously do not want to use any chemicals. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for making such an awesome smoker!! Tom White

Ben Lang’s Answer:

“Start a fire in the cooker-up under the smoke stack and let it burn it’s self out. Once every few years in residential use and once a year in commercial use. Light a fire any way you can, just so you get it started, then it will burn it’s self out – it will sound like jet engine taking off when it burns; if there is a lot of resin in it. Avoid chemicals and charcoal starters when you can. Thanks for Cooking with Lang”

Photo Credit: Tom White

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