Chris Christensen up in St.Louis.

Dear Ben,

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy my 60 Deluxe. We have had many conversations and I KNOW you have the best product on the market. Feel free to pass along my comments to any prospective buyer as I only spoke with you on the phone for 5 min, but I knew you were an honest man and that I would be buying my smoker from you.

For those who may not know. I drove 17 hours each way, thru pouring rain, missed 3 accidents, arrived in your parking lot at about 3 a.m. At 3:15 a.m. I woke up surrounded by police cars. As i rolled down my window and spoke to the officer I said “I know you won’t believe this…but I am buying a grill from Ben Lang” The cops smiled and said no problem. I slept in your lot, picked up my grill and drove straight back hoping to miss Atlanta rush hour traffic. You guessed it. 70 mph thru Atlanta hauling my grill screaming at the other idiot’s not to run into my grill (the hell with my truck!). Somehow made it thru. Each time I stopped for gas, someone wanted to know where I got my smoker (gave out your card). Most gas stops lasted 45 min. to answer questions about the grill. Made it home, tired, exhausted and thrilled with my 60 Deluxe (not a scratch on it). Mileage each way 799. So, after 17 hours each way, all the stuff
that happened all I can say…”Worth every minute, Worth every mile”. Best money I have spent. I already have my next grill picked out. I want the 108 deluxe with the chargrill. I can dream till I get the money.
Thanks Ben!
Chris Christensen
Give out my number, I’ll talk to anyone who is having second thoughts about a purchase. It is Top of the line.

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