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Found your site through Google search. Interested in smoker, wondering why smoke stack is on the same side as smoker box. Also interested in cheaper shipping.
Matt Jones

Our freight rates are piggyback (two or more grills shipping at the same time and same direction) so they are more reasonable than normal shipping rates, and better service. The reverse flow system is the reason that the smokestack and firebox are on the same end, the heat drafts from the
firebox through the cooker to the opposite end and then back to get out
the smokestack. There is good reading about this design within our website information. Hope this helps. Thanks for Looking at Lang BBQ Smokers! They truly are “The Worlds Best Grill”

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  1. I had noticed in your last responce will you be offering a cooking class in July I currently have a model 60 I purchased from you 2 years ago Please let me know I will be in AMELIA ISLAND in July Thanks Cecil


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