Chef Paul,

Thank you for sharing everything BBQ at you class at Lang.

Quick question: brisket. I just ordered a case of black angus 17-19 lb briskets. I know in class we separated the point from the flat so we could all eat lunch, but how would you handle the whole brisket. I’m thinking to cook them to 165/175 degrees, then separating point and flat and finishing at 195 degrees. Can you let me know if this sounds right. Also, typically, how much longer does the point take to finish?

Thanks again. I certainly learned a bunch of new tricks, enjoyed the class, and appreciated your wiliness to share.

Warm regards,

B.Wilcox from New Hampshire



I suggest that you cook the whole brisket to 185º degrees F and then separate them, both are eatable and some what tender at that temperature, but I prefer to cook them to 195º degrees F and then serve. I will put the point in and cook an additional 1 to 2 hours to render it out, but you can eat and enjoy it at 185º to 195º. I hope this helps.
Chef Paul

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