Charcoal Basket for Long Cooks

Here is a little bit of info you may want to pass on to your customers.

I made a charcoal basket for the fire box for long cooks like Brisket or Whole Hog. It will hold up to two bags of charcoal. My test burn was with only one bag using the Minion Method, (20 or 30 lit briquettes on top of unlit pile of charcoal and slowing down burn time with bottom vents) and I got a five hour burn at an even 230 degrees. Two and a half bags went the distance this past weekend on a hog that dressed out at 108 pounds on a very cold and wet day.

I also made two shallow baskets (2″ deep) for the grill and with 10 briquettes in each end, I enjoyed a great food warmer (135 degrees).

Many thanks to you and your employees for a GREAT product and feel free to share my name and number with anyone.

Bob Y
Jacksonville, FL
Jarhead Smoke Wagon
Cooking Team

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  1. i have a whole hog cook this weekend could you give me any suggestions on the basket size for lang 60. how big were the bags of the charcoals you used

    Thanks appreciate it JD


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