Be An Early Bird – Lang Smoking Saturday Tips

Why are pitmasters such early birds?

Many smoker cooker recipes recommend cooking Low & Slow. To have lunch cooked on a stick burner with a low temperature heat you have to get up pretty early.

Why do so many smoker cooker recipes take so long and have the temperature so low?

Cooking Low and Slow is a popular technique for a wide variety of foods cooked by chefs, pitmasters, … any owner of a smoker cooker owner.

Your Lang BBQ Smoker has our Reverse-Flow off-set firebox design which means that the barbecuing uses indirect heat. It might take you longer to cook your meat, usually hours, but the technique is goof-proof on a Lang. Your meat will be super tender.

Start your Cooking Early in the Morning in order the achieve Maximum Smokey Flavors!

Lang BBQ Smokers are all handcrafted with 1/4″ plate steel – the heavy steel is key to maintaining cooking temperatures. When cooking on a Lang BBQ smoker, smoke and fat are key parts of the final flavor compounds. The type of wood used also makes a difference. When you are cooking low and slow with clean heat and a clean smoker, your food will absorb the right amount of smoky flavors.

So start your smokers up early and to be ready for a long cooking process!

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