BBQ Events from October 27th-29th- ‘Cue the News

Cue the newsThis upcoming weekend (October 27th-29th), there are four BBQ events throughout the United States. Below are the events listed by location. Please visit our event calendar for more information and links.

Let us know if you will be at an event #cookingonalang! Please send us photos of yourself with your Lang smoker cooker at the event to [email protected].

United States:


  1. Border War Barbeque– Osawatomie, KS (Oct. 27th-28th)


  1. Smokin the Fort BBQ & Blue Grass Festival– Fort Gibson, OK (Oct. 27th-28th)


  1. Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitation Barbecue– Lynchburg, TN (Oct. 27th-28th)


  1. Third Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship– Dallas, TX (Oct. 28th-29th)



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