BBQ Events from July 14th to July 16th ‘Cue the News

This upcoming weekend (July 14th- July 16th), there are twelve BBQ events throughout the United States. Below are the events listed by location. Please visit our JULY event calendar for more information and links.

Let us know if you will be #cookingonalang at one of these events! Please send us photos of yourself with your Lang smoker cooker at the event to [email protected].

United States:


  1. 2017 Clayton BBQ Cook-Off a KCBS (Competitor Series) event Sponsored by the CBCA- Clayton, CA (July 15th)


  1. The Georgia Smithfield Guinea Pig – Cummings, GA (July 14th- July 15th)


  1. Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour– South Bend, IN (July 14th- July 15th)


  1. BBQ Loo & Blues Too!– Waterloo, IA (July 14th- July 15th)


  1. Wolf Creek Wildblue BBQ– Burlington, KS (July 14th- July 15th)
  2. Keepers of the Fire BBQ Contest– Mayetta, KS (July 14th- July 15th)


  1. Smokin at the Ballpark BBQ Fest– Old Orchard Beach, ME (July 15th- July 16th)

New York:

  1. Rotary Ribs and Rhythm & Blues– Auburn, NY (July 15th- July 16th)

South Dakota:

  1. Cookin on Kampeska– Watertown, SD (July 14th- July 15th)


  1. Chillin’ & Grillin’ in the Glades– Wise, VA ( July 14th- July 15th)


  1. Gold Ribbin’ BBQ Fest of Greater Green Bay– Heat 1- Green Bay, WI (July 14th- July 15th)
  2. Gold Ribbin’ BBQ Fest of Greater Green Bay- Heat 2- Green Bay, WI (July 15th- July 16th)

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