Wood For My Smoker Cooker

I got a model 48 cooker from you last fall and am itching to get it going  this spring.  But, obviously, I need wood! I live in S.W. South Dakota.  Do you have any idea where the closest distributors of bulk cooking wood  may be?  I plan on renting a utility trailer and buying a cord.  
 Thanks for any advice, directions, or help you may supply!
 Larry Fairbank
Hello Larry,
Most States have Agriculture Departments which pubplish a Consumer Market Bulletin,in which many firewood producers and sellers advertise. Our state does. The publications are available for a free subcribtion in state and a small fee for out of state. Most States Bulletins are on line also. Other than that? I would suggest that you ask your guestion on a good bbq forum board or two.
Good luck this Spring  and remember  that lump charcoal works to.

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