36 Series Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker Fire Management Instructional VIDEO

This instructional video provides practical and easy to understand techniques to get the most of your new 36″ model Lang BBQ Smoker. You’ll learn about the importance of fire control:

  • temperature gauges
  • types of wood including bagged firewood
  • fire bricks
  • warm-ups
  • and much more.

Get the most out of Lang’s very popular 36” series and enjoy BBQ foods like never before, because successful smoking begins with understanding fire management. You’ll become better and better at it. This video is a fantastic way to get into your Lang 36” the right way. It’s like being in a Lang Smoker seminar in the convenience of your home.

Lang 36 Smoker Cooker Fire Management

Do you know the importance of how long to warm up before cooking?
Do you know the difference between various woods?
Do you know the value of the temp gauge?

You will now! And more!!!

These are few of the key topics this video will cover which will save you from making a number of mistakes as you start out. Lang BBQ Smoker cookers are not just another smoker. It’s technology-based equipment and well thought out for the best results. The point is that you should be having fun cooking not deal with problems you shouldn’t have in the first place.

Lang’s BBQ Smokers® cookers easily stand out by the superior results of food quality and ease of use. Lang’s BBQ Smokers® cookers have been recommended by the finest chefs and pit masters around the world. They attest that food gets better when it’s cooked on Lang BBQ Smoker. Ben Lang has created a world of Good Eatin’.

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