Can I get modifications to a new Lang 60 Series Unit?

I purchased a Model 48 from you about a year and a half ago. I have to  say, I absolutely loved cooking on it. However, it got just a littel too  small for my purposes. I am interested in buying a model 60, but would  like to know if that could be put on a wide body trailer, similar to the   model 84, with an expanded storage bin in the front (would also need the warmer box). It would help me to carry some of my gear a little better.

 Please let me know if this wide body frame is possible. Also, I would like  to know if you can manufacture a charcoal bin to fit in the fire box.  Something to extend the burn time on the Lang.
 Thanks, Fermin Esquibel

Hello Fermin,

Sure we can do that . I will work you up a price and get it to you. Congradulations on your success, glad to hear things a going well. The new wide body you are asking about would have enough room for your Lang 48 to be mounted on one side and the new 60 Deluxe on the other. Makes for the best of both worlds. We have had customers do this with an existing 60 and a new 84 Deluxe on a wide body frame. Makes a nice looking unit. And very versatile.
Thanks again for Looking at Lang.
Hope to Serve you another one up soon.
Ben Lang

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  1. Ben,
    Do you have any pictures of something similuar to what I am asking? By the way, I meant to say ” cooker” in the previous post (I am not the best typer)….Any way, maybe I wasn’t clear, I have the Mobile Model 60 deluxe with a chargriller. So if you mount my 60 onto the 84 widebody, what happens to the rest of my trailer and everything? Didn’t my pig picks come thru? lol. would my firebox dampers be blocked with the two cookers mounted side by side? I am really thinking of doing this so I would love the input. I gues I would have to take another road trip to Georgia to drop it off. How long would the modifications take? Would it be possible to take a drive drop it off hang out for about a week and then tug the new cooke home?
    Erik DiFeterici

  2. Hello Erik,
    The Lang 84 wide body bbq smoker wagon comes complete for $ 5195. with the dexl warmer. You would want a left handed model so that your 60 bbq smoker would be mounted on the front (primary)side. Mounting price for your 60 BBQ-“cooke” , add $300. THE TWO OF THEM SIDE BY SIDE MAKE ONE (two) MEAN COOKING MACHINEs.
    Thanks for Cooking with Lang . Hope to serve you up another one soon.
    Best Regards,
    Ben Lang

  3. Ben,
    I purchased a Model 60 deluxe with the chargrill from you about 2 years ago. I have done my best cooking and everyone raves about the food. I just cooked my first pig which went off without a hitch. I just read how I could get a 84 wide body and mount my 60 on it. I am interested in the price for that. I am enclosing pics of my first pig. That cooke basically cooks by itself. Love it.


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