Fermin Esquibel tells us about his Impressions of his 48″ Lang Smoker Cooker

48" Lang BBQ Smoker






“I purchased a Model 48 from you about a year and a half ago. I have to  say, I absolutely loved cooking on it. However, it got just a little too  small for my purposes. I am interested in buying a model 60, but would  like to know if that could be put on a wide body trailer. It would help me to carry some of my gear a little better. I have always been a “I’ll believe it when I see it” kinda  person. We’ll, I had been cooking for five years before I bought your 48  and hadn’t won any  competitions. With that 48, I took 3 first places; a first in brisket, a first in ribs and a first in pork butt. I also had some other top ten finishes this past year. I am a firm believer now, and would like to  continue to cook on a Lang Smoker.”

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