I am ready for one that will last….

I am 46 and charcoal all of the time. I also smoke boston butts and cook a lot of chicken and steaks. What would you suggest. I am ready for one that will last….not a brinkman, etc.
East Prairie, Missouri

Thanks for your email. We are glad you are ready for a better way of cooking. The Lang Model 60 with a front mount char grill would be just the ticket. The bbq smoker $2495. add $350 for a charcoal grill instead of the woodbasket. BBQ pork, chicken and steak. The World’s best Barbecue combo . Our Lang BBQ Smoker Cookers will give you a liftime of use. And pride of ownership beyond compared. Not to mention the best food in the world. I want to see the bbq video when you get all that food cooking.
Thanks for Looking at Lang.
Best Regards,
Ben Lang

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  1. Mr Lang,
    I noted in your reply that you have been making these smokers for 21 years. I have recently found a lang 60 on craigslist for 1900.00. The gentleman said that this was a custom built 60 deluxe with warmer with extra storage and a 3 burner system under the baffles (didn’t quite understand his explanation and he said they’ve never used it). He stated that this is about 10 years old. Your products look great and everyone seems to lov’em. Does this seem like a good deal for someone new to smoking.
    Thank you

  2. Ben –

    I sent you an email with some pictures of an addition that we made to our Model 60. Thought you might be interested. We love it.


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