Patio 36 Smoker Pit

Ben, I bought the 36 patio model from you and it was delivered last Feb (2012). I wanted to wait on commenting on it until after I had an opportunity to try it and get used to it. I have cooked pork, ribs, whole prime ribs, beef tender loins, pork tender loins, chicken, sausage, boudain, hamburgers, and other … Read more Patio 36 Smoker Pit

Heat Deflector / Baffle Built In?

Does your Lang 36 have a heat deflector/baffle built in? Yes. The 36 Lang patio is just like all our Legendary Lang bbq smokers and has the reverse flow heat baffle, which is a Meat Searing Bar-BQ Griddle in a Lang BBQ Smoker. That’s why Lang is a better barbecue smoker by design. The best … Read more Heat Deflector / Baffle Built In?