Jim’s Bar & Pig Shack: Boston Butts

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Well, Big Jim’s back with another tutorial. This one’s on his method for preparing two whole pork butts on his 36″ patio.

Whole Hog Cook’n on a Lang 48” Patio


Scott from Wake Forest, North Carolina is a fan of Lang BBQ Smokers and wants others to join the Lang family! Scott is such a big fan that him and his son have made a video on how to bbq a 60lb whole hog on a 48″ Patio Lang smoker cooker.

How to heat up and clean a Lang 60 BBQ

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/33930716] Ben Lang shows you how to heat up and clean a Lang 60 BBQ Watch Ben Lang explain how to heat up your Lang BBQ Smokers® smoker cooker as well as how to clean after use using self made steam. He demonstrates this all on the Model 60 Deluxe. Watch more ‘How to’ … Read more