Reverse Flow Smokers

Model 48 Patio One of the forums referenced reverse flow smokers and implied, I think, that Langs were designed this way. What does it mean? There is no reference to such a characteristic on your website, I think. What is the advantage? Walter Hello Walter And thank you for your questions. They are what help … Read more

Model 48 In Stock?

Do you have the original mod 48 in stock for pickup this week or  next week?  Does the price include gauge and everything to get started  after break-in?  Thank You, Joe Hello Joe, Yes the gage and everything you need; except the wood, comes with the cooker.  Model 48 mobile is a great unit , we have four … Read more

Lang Model 60 Original

I am interested in buying a Lang 60 Original but I have a few  questions.  Do you use a reverse-flow system?  How big is the fire box?  Could you have a gas burner hooked to fire box to start your logs? Thanks for your time and help  Jeremy D. Wyatt Moore, S.C.   Hello Jeremy, Yes … Read more

Got our Lang Model 84 in June 2007

Ben, It’s been 18 months since the pit was delivered to us out on the west  coast.  Since that time we have rolled + 1000 miles caterring parties &  weddings, doing cook outs, family smoke outs, and even a few camping  trips.  The pit is easy to use and work out of and has performed beyond my expectations. At … Read more

The best I had ever done.

After seasoning the smoker, Lang 60 Original, for an entire day, the next day my first cook came off with out a hitch. I smoked five brisket flats and five turkey breast for a catering job. The only thing that was different was that the briskets didn’t have as crusty or dark of a bark … Read more

Where is the Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker Factory?

 I would like to visit your site and get a close look at your smokers.  Where is your location?  Also do you have any winter sale’s on any of your  smokers?  Jimmy Davenport Jimmy, We are located in South East Georgia , south of Savannah, Georgia 90 miles, inland from the port of Brunswick, Georgia 26 miles. North of … Read more

Wood For My Smoker Cooker

I got a model 48 cooker from you last fall and am itching to get it going  this spring.  But, obviously, I need wood! I live in S.W. South Dakota.  Do you have any idea where the closest distributors of bulk cooking wood  may be?  I plan on renting a utility trailer and buying a cord.    Thanks … Read more