Maintaining the exterior of your Lang BBQ smoker cooker

Maintaining the Exterior Surface of your Lang Smoker Cooker – Lang Smoking Saturday Tips

Maintaining the Exterior Surface of your Lang Smoker Cooker

Ben Lang discusses the importance of a clean, well maintained exterior surface of the Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker.


When your Lang Smoker Cooker stays outdoors it is vulnerable to outdoor damages to the exterior of the grill. Those external forces can effect our cooking product if not handled correctly. Since it is impossible to eliminate or prevent those outside effects (besides storing the grill indoors), the best way to confront this issue is constant care and thorough cleaning.

In this process we can start by spraying water to clean the exterior. Next you should apply oil, paint, grease or other types of lubricant (such as mineral oil) on the exterior surface of the smoker cooker.

It is important to remember that the exterior of the grill maintenance is very important and should not be neglected! Even if the interior of the smoker cooker is spotless, a poorly maintained exterior of a smoker cooker may affect your cooking.

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