Fire-up that Smoker – Lang Smoking Saturdays Tips

Firing-Up your Smoker Cooker

Watch and Learn as Ben Lang Demonstrates How to Safely Light your Smoker

Follow these steps for the easiest, fastest, and safest way to fire-up your stick-burner, your Lang BBQ Smoker:

  1. Open ALL doors, vents and dampers on the smoker cooker (fire box door, smoker cooker door, flue and smoke stack)
  2. If possible, bring the nose of the smoker cooker up.
  3. Stack 4-5 pieces of split, dried hardwood – approximately the diameter of a soda can.
  4. Get a large fire going and wait until black smoke bellows out.
  5. Close the smoker cooker door to a “propped open” position (i.e. open latch position).
  6. Wait until flames comes out of the fire box.
  7. Close fire box door to “propped open” position (i.e. over closed latch).

And now you’re ready to start your grilling experience.

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