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Go easy on the wood – Lang Smoking Saturdays Tips

Go easy on the wood

A common mistake with smoker cookers is the use of too much wood.

Wood has a significant effect on what you are cooking in your smoker cooker.

Too much wood can make your food taste bitter.

Also, the smoke should flow smoothly and in a constant pace minimizing its effect on your smoker cooking. The reverse flow design of Lang BBQ Smokers helps the smoke flow under and over the meat – you’ll be cooking with clean heat.

Watch this video to see more information about the amount of wood to use to maintain a good temperature for cooking low and slow on a Lang BBQ Smoker. Gene Culbertson from Backwoods Bar B Que is at one of Lang’s Q-School (smoker cooking classes) and he provided demos for the students on how to maintain a fire in the fire box so you can cook low and slow.

If you have a Lang BBQ Smoker and have more questions, contact us.

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