Good Morning Mr. Lang…………

I made it back yesterday in one piece.  It was refreshing to be in the South again , everyone we ran into were very friendly and wanted to look at the cooker.  We stopped at the low country visitor center in S.C.  one of the women there wants a smaller homestyle cooker , I gave her your website info.  … Read more

Lang 84 Deluxe

My Lang 84 Deluxe got here a couple weeks ago but I’ve been away on vacation so I haven’t gotten to try it yet. Which is why I’m writing you. First off, this thing is AWESOME! Even better than I imagined. Actually, while I was gone, a couple of my buddy’s stopped by my garage just to check … Read more

What A Site!

Just wanted to let you know we are the couple that passed you  going down highway I-70 in Missouri just outside of Kansas City area…  you held up your card as we went by, you were towing one smoker and  another was in the bed of your truck. I happened to catch your name plate  on the smoker trailer … Read more

New Model 84

Hi Ben, When I picked my new 84 Deluxe Char Grill back in June of 08, I was surprised and a little disappointed with the new design as the web site still had the old style on it, but accepted forward progress. We got home (Watkins Glen NY) and seasoned both the char grill and … Read more