Keep It Simple BBQ

Cooking on a Lang BBQ Smokers cooker 84 Deluxe!

Lang BBQ Smoker 84″ Deluxe

Nothing But Compliments!

Have started a small weekend business with the 84 Deluxe we purchased back in March.

Nothing but compliments on the cooker and everything we’ve cooked on it.


Tim and Cindy Kelly
Keep It Simple BBQ

Allerton, Iowa

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Questions about the 84 Twin Deluxe Smoker Cooker

Custom Smoker Cooker Features Available
Made to order
Built to Last


David from Elberton, Georgia loves smoker cooking, has outgrown his Bubba Grill and wanted to make sure his investment in a Lang BBQ smoker cooker would have all the features he needs. We’d like to share David’s questions because many are not aware the we do have some smoker cookers in stock but we generally build to order so that you get the features you need. 

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Austrian Chefs Cooking on Lang 84

Jack Daniel's Invitational Barbecue Championship in 2012
Jack Daniel’s Invitational Barbecue Championship in 2012

Professional  Austrians Chefs Cooking on a Lang at the
Jack Daniel’s Invitational Barbecue World Championship

At the Jack Daniels Championship in 2012 we lent some Lang BBQ Smoker Cookers to of those competing. An Austrian barbecue chef had an opportunity to cook on a Lang 84″. Check out Helmut Karl’s photos and what he had to say “about cooking on a Lang”!

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Interested in a 84 Deluxe with Chargrill

Interested in Models: The 84 Deluxe with Chargrill David from Elberton, Georgia is planning to purchase a smoker cooker in the not to distant future and had some interesting questions for Ben Lang.   David: “In 2011 I purchased a 250 smokers which was a Bubba Grill Brand and started a small operation. Working full time, I … Read more