Lang Smoker Saves Car and Home from Extreme Damage

Darryl S. sent in this incredible story about his Lang Smoker Cooker: I own a Lang 60 original. Yesterday an 80 ft tall tree fell right on top , impaling my chimney 4 inches into the tree trunk. The only visible damage is the chimney cover. This smoker is a tank. The smoker kept my … Read more

Get Your Lang BBQ Smoker!!! Here and Now!!

Ben Lang with alot of Lang Smoker Cookers

Ben wants everybody to know that you can take delivery of any size Lang BBQ smoker that you desire. There are plenty to go around. Start thinking of your Christmas Gift!!!

New Smoker in Ontario

I am writing today to thank the Lang family for my beautiful 60 cooker that was delivered Wednesday. Throughout the process you all were very gracious when answering my questions, in particular with my concerns regarding the export paperwork. Thank you Sara for all of your help in that regard. You made everything very easy … Read more