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BBQ Events from August 31st-September 3rd- ‘Cue the News

This upcoming weekend (August 31st- September 3rd), there are 12 BBQ events throughout the United States, 1 event in Canada and 1 event in the Netherlands. Below are the events listed by location. Please visit our event calendar for more information and links.

Let us know if you will be #cookingonalang at one of these events! Please send us photos of yourself with your Lang smoker cooker at the event to [email protected]

United States:


  1. Redwood Coast Grills Gone Wild– Crescent City, CA (September 2nd-3rd)


  1. Smokin’ Up the Mountains– East Ellijay, GA (September 2nd)


  1. Smoke the Town– Leon, IA (September 1st-2nd)


  1. 38th American Royal World Series of Barbecue (August 31st- September 3rd)


  1. Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour– Traverse City, MI (September 1st-2nd)


  1. Big Muddy Brew N Que– Winnona, MN (September 2nd-3rd)


  1. Weston Sizzlers– Weston, MO (September 2nd-3rd)


  1. Septemberfest BBQ & Rib-eye Steak Cook-Off Challenge– Omaha, NE (September 2nd-3rd)


  1. PigMania Lebanon State Championship BBQ & Music Festival– Lebanon, OH (September 1st-2nd)

South Carolina:

  1. Beach Boogie and BBQ Festival (Palmetto BBQ Series)– Myrtle Beach, SC (September 1st-2nd)


  1. Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival– Bedford, TX (September 2nd-3rd)


  1. 7th Annual Smokin’ in the Bogs– Warrens, WI (September 1st- 2nd)


  1. BBQ on the Bow– Calgary, AB, Canada (September 2nd-3rd)

The Netherlands:

  1. 1st Annual Suydersee BBQ Contest– Zeewolde Flevoland, Netherlands (September 2nd-3rd)

       BBQ & Brews Smokin Up the Mountains      





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